Frequently Asked Questions About Yepp’s Marketing Intelligence Platform

What is Yepp?

Yepp is the #1 marketing intelligence platform for marketing teams and agencies. It helps you make the most of content & strategy creation and by customizing AI to your specific needs. It understands your company's data, tone, and buyer persona, so you can generate personalized content at scale and increase your conversion rates.

How does Yepp work?


Fine-Tune LLM

Through fine-tuning the large language model, we effectively train AI with your company's data, providing you with a hyper-personalized platform that boosts your team's efficiency right from day one.



Efficiently organize your team, assign team members to specific tasks, and closely monitor the execution of your strategy with the comprehensive project overview.



Whether it's content or concept you need to create, you craft them at lightning speed, all while enjoying the benefits of a customized LLM.



Once your project is ready, effortlessly schedule its publication using the integrated calendar and share it with your client for seamless collaboration.

Who is Yepp for?

Yepp is best for marketing teams and agencies aiming to enhance the effectiveness of their campaign efforts. Here are the roles we most commonly support:


Marketing Leaders

Yepp provides a comprehensive view of your team's content and strategy work while allowing you to assign projects to specific team members.



Each piece of content is enriched by the creative flair of the platform, making it unique and engaging.


Project Managers

By integrating data and creativity, Yepp empowers you with highly effective campaign strategies and analyzes their performance comprehensively.


SEO Specialists

By harnessing a data-driven approach and activating SEO features, you streamline the creation of top-ranking content pieces.


Social Media Managers

With Yepp's campaign feature, creating multi-platform social media content is a breeze.

What problems does Yepp address?

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Limited manpower and expertise to meet increasing demands.

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Managing project execution and overseeing team performance.

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Extracting valuable insights from extensive data for effective decision-making.

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Lack of personalization and content uniqueness when using AI and automation.

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Identifying a unique value proposition (UVP) when competing with rivals.

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Maintaining high levels of customer retention and loyalty.

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Guiding customers throughout the entire purchase journey.

What kind of company makes a good customer for Yepp?

Marketing Agencies and Marketing Teams in Mid-Size and Enterprise companies, focused on content creation and strategy development, who need to automate and scale their workflow.

How secure is my data?

Yepp offers the highest level of security to all customers. The platform is compliant with SOC2 Type II and adheres strictly to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards. Data during storage and transmission is encrypted via a secure AWS infrastructure. As an additional layer of data protection Yepp uses JSON Web Token (JWT) for authentication and access control.

Is the generated content truly unique?

Certainly, Yepp generates genuinely unique content. It combines data-driven methods with creative flair to craft distinctive and impactful material. Instead of repurposing existing content, it builds upon your unique data, ensuring originality and depth in every topic.

Who holds the legal ownership rights to the content produced on Yepp?

The content created on Yepp is legally owned by the users who create it. This means that anytime you use Yepp to generate content, you hold the full ownership rights to that content.
Our commitment to user data and ownership rights is one of the many reasons why users trust us with their content creation needs.

Can I try the platform before buying it?

Absolutely! To enrich your trial experience, we arrange a discovery call to understand your team's needs and provide initial platform customization, maximizing the effectiveness of your free trial period.

How much does Yepp cost?

Yepp pricing is custom-made, based on the LLM fine-tuning requirements, features you wish to use, as well as the number of users you want to give access to.

Request more information and our sales representative will discuss your team’s specific needs and prepare an estimated offer value during the scheduled meeting.